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Pay Off Your Mortgage
in as Little as 5-7 Years!

And shave years off of monthly payments, so you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process!


What's going to be revealed to you today has been held close to the chest by the big banks and financial institutions because of how much you will save when you follow the simple system. It doesn't matter if you've just closed on your new home, you've been paying on you home for years, or if you just refinanced...

This quick guide will share the most important tips that will walk you through how you can turn debt into an asset. 

Petes Testimonial

I needed some proof before I could ever be a believer, and my friend showed me exactly that. After four years of using the program, it's absolutely the best program I've ever seen.


I've saved over $82,000 in interest alone! I've been using this program for over 10 years now and I can't say enough it's the best program I've been apart of!


Toms Testimonial

What This IS and IS NOT

This IS a method that helps quickly eliminate your mortgage debt

This IS a method that helps to free up funds needed to build wealth

This IS a method that works with or without good credit and may even improve your credit.

This IS NOT a bi-weekly payment program or refinance.

This IS NOT an increase to your monthly budget

This IS NOT  a mortgage modification, alteration, or any other change to your current mortgage.



Infinite Wealth Builder was founded in 2019 by Matt Nye. As a former mortgage broker and title company owner who worked through the real estate bubble in the late 2000's, Matt witnessed firsthand how lopsided the system is in favor of the banks and large financial institutions during the ensuing collapse of the real estate and financial markets. After spending the last decade in the technology sector, Matt discovered a new take on an old idea and has dedicated himself to using this incredible system to help people get out of debt and achieve financial independence.